Peter Angus Medlock

For Peter, the journey to becoming an award winning Director, Cinematographer, Creative Director and YouTube Certified Strategist didn’t start on a film set. It started in the kitchen.

Chef's at Aria, Tru, Trio, Red Light and Charlie Trotter's taught Peter the principles of “mise en place.” When all of your ingredients are measured, cut and peeled; your pans, mixing bowls, and tools are in their place, assembling seemingly impossible dishes becomes routine.

Peter is someone for whom directing, cinematography, editing, photography, and producing aren’t distinct career silos. They’re ingredients. They’re tools. They’re stages in a process that, with the proper preparation, can be brought together at the perfect time. 

Peter has used this chef-like discipline to become one of Chicago’s most prolific media creators. In his career he has made billions of impressions. Regardless of the medium. He excels at taking strategic concepts through to execution without big crews or bureaucratic teams.

It’s all the hard work that makes things look effortless.

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