Rappin' with the Rickster

It was 96'. Maybe 95'

I was so into The Beastie Boys its all I talked about. I met a guy that worked at Spencer's gifts who owned a TR808. I thought he was a god.

Hip Hop was in my soul. I was obsessed; but I had no idea my musical interests would drive my visual career. I learned about Ricky Powell from photos. This same man with the drum machine would show me the most amazing book of my teenage years. Oh Snap: The Rap Photography of Ricky Powell.

Ricky had photographed RUN D.M.C., The Beastie Boys, ODB, Wu-Tang, Flava Flav, and MANY MANY more. He had also shot several famous people all over New York City, Lawerence Fishburn, , Woody Allen and whole ton more.

This book taught me that I could make a career out of photography, and later, cinematography.

It was my inspiration.

20+ years later, the internet would help me connect with my mentor. I got to hang out with Ricky, Shoot a few flickeronies, and talk shop for a while in Washington Square park. It was surreal and made me realize how important mentors are. Even if they are indirect.


Faces of Rob

I've taken a lot of pictures. A lot of pictures of people. But if there is one character that I appreciate photographing it's Rob. His range of emotion, facial conformity and charismatic detail makes my job easier.

Tyler time.

Recently I had the opportunity to shoot some test shots with Tyler WolffOrmes. Tyler is a PR and Social media expert at Ogilvy & Mather, but more important a damn funny dude. From improv to scripted comedy, It's been a real pleasure working with this cat.

Ideation with Mike Jimerson

Met with my dear friend, Mike Jimerson. We talked shop, concepts and most importantly, insecurities. Creatives, I think, are a curious group. Always wanting to do more. But scared to tell others what they want to do for fear of being told, "Thats stupid", or the most dreaded, "Yea, but thats like X and its already been done."

Mike and I talked about writing. Shooting. Series, and short-films. Mike is an amazing accomplished improv actor, and breaking his way into on-screen performances as well.

I hope we make things.

We ate ramen. Joked accordingly, and were delighted with a dessert from our server Jilian. A mochi type puff pastry. Almost like a Japanese Eclair, but far far better.